Use and Action – SternaSafe PRO

User Manual
SternaSafe PRO is a universal active sternum stabilizer. The SternaSafe is suitable for every patient post-sternotomy. SternaSafe gives a firm support every time when needed and can be operated by the patient.

Manual, simplified explained (10 seconds)

Put on / Take off


Fixation (optional, in cases where both hands need to be used for walking stairs etc) 

Manual, detailed explained
How to fit and adjust. (Universal size. One size fits all.)

1) Fit the SternaSafe on the patient and 2) Adjust the shoulder straps and the chest band Connect the pulley-end. Close the lock.

2) Adjust the shoulder straps and the chest band until there is a little tension on the pulley rope.

3) The result after fitting should look like in this picture.

4) Pull the handle down until there is a firm support, when coughing, sneezing, moving etc.

Temporary fixation of the SternaSafe. ONLY BY MEDICAL STAFF

Fix the SternaSafe for temporary support. In case long-term support is needed (never longer than a few hours) .
This can be done with the cord-stopper on the rope. This way could be helpful during deep cough-up and breathing exercises and/or mobilization of the patient.
Pull the handle until a medium-strong support is obtained.
Then position the cord-stopper(1) depending on situation and/or patient.


SEU (one size fits all)


The SternaSafe can be cold washed and air dried.
!Washing decreases the quality of this product!


SternaSafe is a disposable product and can be used until 7 weeks post-op.
Single-use. Do not use on more then one patient.

Made in Thailand and Holland by: Inter Medical Services ltd. Email:
Owned and world Patented by Inter Medical Services ltd, PO Box 142. 15 North Plantation. St Peter Port. UK