Use and Action – SternaBra


The Dutch company who developed SternaSafe, also developed SternaBra.

SternaBra is a sternum-wound supporting bra, supplementary to SternaSafe in some specific cases, where patient has large breasts and high risk on post-op wound complications. SternaBra can be worn combined with SternaSafe. (SternaBra under the clothes SternaSafe over the clothes)

The SternaBra is made with soft materials, double fabric sewn, direct wound access by front opening and added adjustable elastic band for extra support to the manubrium.

SternaBra gives steady wound support, even when not combined with SternaSafe .

So female patients who are fysically unable to operate a SternaSafe, are already well protected with a SternaBra only. Because of its clever concept, SternaBra fits to all patients with only 3 sizes.