Use and Action – SternaSafe UNI

User Manual
SternaSafe UNI is a universal active sternum stabilizer. The SternaSafe is suitable for every patient post-sternotomy. SternaSafe gives a firm support every time when needed and can be operated by the patient.

Manual, simplified explained (10 seconds)

Put on / Take off


Permanent Fixation – for rare cases (optional)

Manual, detailed explained
How to fit and adjust. (Universal size. One size fits all.)

Apply the SternaSafe and adjust with the shoulder straps just under the armpits.

Adjust for both sides equally and use the numeric scale.

Overlap the breast-band on the back for small to very small chest sizes.

Apply the additional stretch band in the middle with light tension. Place thru the grips.

Adjust the SternaSafe about one hand width in between the handles.

Operate the SternaSafe
Add the pulley system, + marks connected.

A light tension on the pulley rope.

Pull the blue foam handle with a 45° angle for wound support.

# Optional. Permanent fixation of the SternaSafe
Fixation permanent. (by nurse, doctor, physiotherapist). Only in case the patient is physically or mentally not able to operate anything. Or when move patient after surgery. Follow the next procedure.

Disconnect the elastic band.
Move the handles away from each other, and place them as far as possible to the side of the body.

Apply the stretch band again obtaining medium to strong tension / counter pressure.
* Add an additional soft cloth underneath the handles in case a very strong support is needed. In case of strong tension of the elastic band

Connect the SternaSafe


Connected after hearing a ‘double click’.


Press the pulley and push it down using 2 thumbs.


SEU (one size fits all)


The SternaSafe can be cold washed and air dried.
!Washing decreases the quality of this product!


SternaSafe is a disposable product and can be used until 7 weeks post-op.
Single-use. Do not use on more then one patient.

Made in Thailand and Holland by: Inter Medical Services ltd. Email:
Owned and world Patented by Inter Medical Services ltd, PO Box 142. 15 North Plantation. St Peter Port. UK