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The SternaSafe is an active chest/ sternum brace, used post-sternotomy and can be operated by patient, nurse and doctor.

Happy patient = Happy hospital

Feeling Safe, Feeling Better

One of the good features resulting from the use of SternaSafe, is probably that patients feel better, safer and more comfortable. SternaSafe use results in *less pain *better independence *more trust *more comfort and confidence. A feeling of safety , secureness, just feeling better, more comfortable. As SternaSafe gives patients self-control over their own wound, pain and recovery. This in it-selves is already a good reason for many heart centers worldwide to give their patients a SternaSafe, often as a preventive measure standard to all patients.

Next great helps like less pain and more comfort, we, the SternaSafe inventors, suppliers, feel confident, after 15 years, a million of patients, and many heart centers worldwide, to confirm what many doctors and nurses say about SternaSafe:

  • Reduces sternum wound complications.
  • Gives better post-op results in physiotherapy.
  • Reduces recovery time in hospital, earlier hospital discharge.
  • SternaSafe is inexpensive, safes us money and time.
  • SternaSafe is also helpful for Thoracotomy, Lung operations and Rib fractures.


Some examples of what doctors, nurses and medical staff are saying about SternaSafe.

The SternaSafe device is effective at reducing pain and symptoms following median sternotomy

Heart center
University Chicago, USA

SternaSafe is a win win situation.

Heart center
Academical Eindhoven, Holland, EU

Overall, we find that the SternaSafe , improves patient comfort, and also reduces the occurrence of wound dehiscence, and infection”

Barts heart center
UK, Europe

SternaSafe is an effective device in CABG patients with better early postoperative profile in terms of respiratory function and sternotomy wound healing

Heart center, University Singapore, Asia

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